Promise in the Dark:Donathan
Title: Promise in the Dark
Rating: PG13-R (Still not sure)
Pairing: DonniexJonathan:Donathan
Author Notes: I want to give a HUGE t hanks to my Beta ,Superbears, whose has been more helpful to me with this story then they know =]

Chapter One

Jon slumped back into one of the chairs rested behind the stage wall. The musical sound of his younger and girl loved brother crowded the arena as the four other New Kids took a quick breather. The only noise that could be heard was either the screams of the women in the arena or them trying to sing along with him.Grabbing the water bottle positioned along side of his chair, he tipped his head back and took a long needed gulp from it. The ice cold water cooled his burning throat and relaxed him to no end. Just as he was about to put the bottle down a hard slap hit his back and made him start to choke on the water he just attempted to swallow. A howl of laughter made him roll his eyes as he finally stopped heaving and was able to talk. He glanced behind him and saw the reason for his almost near death experience; he saw his friend Donnie standing there wiping tears from the corner of his eye.

"Man you should have seen the look on your face! It was like..."

Donnie made a quick expression with his face and holding his throat in mock choking. Jon reached behind him and attempted to hit Donnie. Donnie just moved away from the still laughing at his previous joke. A smile spread on Jon's face as he couldn't help but laugh at it as well. Though for a second, he felt though he was going to loose his life to a sip of water. After awhile Donnie finally stopped his uncontrolled laughing and grabbed a chair pulling it up next to Jon. They sat in silence for a couple minutes; Donnie had pulled out his phone and was on it twittering away. Joey and Danny were a couple feet in front of them both in a deep conversation, what about Jon wasn't sure. Seeing Donnie finally quiet and calm Jon let his head lean back again and tried to clear his mind of all things around him. His heart was already pounding against his ears and knowing they would be going back out there soon didn't help. What brought up the sudden anxiety he had no idea but he wouldn't be able to go there and perform properly if he didn't calm down. Taking in a long shaky breath he let it out slowly feeling his nerves begin to decrease and his heart rate go back to it's normal beating. A sick feeling was still inside of him though.

Donnie finished a quick update message to his board. He heard a shaky breath beside him and glancing over to his right he noticed Jon a ghostly white and looking ready to be sick. Donnie knew that look. He reached over and rubbed his back lightly muttering soothing words to his anxious friend. His pale face began to finally gain it's color back and his breathing was now steady. Donnie still rubbed his back still a worried face displayed thinking it was his fault he was this way.

"I'm sorry dude, I didn't mean to scare you and..."

"Don't worry D." Jon answered not wanting Donnie to blame himself for his anxiety.

"Ya sure?" Donnie said moving closer to inspect Jon and make sure he was okay.

Jon nodded slightly red now with embarrassment feeling like a child again. He noticed the warm tingling sensation on his back and finally realized Donnie still had his hand there. Looking up he also finally noticed how close he was. Practically breathing in his own air. His heart racing again he quickly stood up at lightening speed. Donnie glanced up at him clearly confused.

Slightly dizzy from standing up so fast he began to make his way over to the side of the stage so he could see inside the arena as his brother embraced all the warm love. His brother was everything he wanted to be. He was out there and was always happy to be center stage. He looked out into the crowd and saw how everyone reacted to him. It was simply amazing. His head bent down low no longer able to watch. He felt another presence behind and was praying it wasn't...

"You don't look okay man."


"I already told you I'm fine no need to worry. Just nerves gets to me sometimes." Jon replied still not looking back at him. He was beginning to realize how nervous he felt when ever Donnie was around him. It started off a few months back; but he had choosen to ignore it. Whatever it was he needed to stop feeling it and now. But it didn't stop it only grew. He began to feel little butterflies in his stomach where ever Donnie looked over at him. When he hugged him it always felt like his legs would lose their ability to stand. But he loved to hug him his scent was just intoxicating.

"I know but I worry about you sometimes." Donnie said looking down at him still confused as to the previous events.

"Thanks but you don't need to be. I. Am. FINE." Jon empathized the last three words to him.

Donnie was about to continue until Jordan came running back from onstage smiling from ear to ear. He stopped when he noticed the tension between his friend and his brother. Instantly his brother instinct kicked in and he stepped in front of Jon feeling a need to protect his vulnerable brother. In a way it was a role reversal for them. JOn was protective of his brother as well but Jordan was always like the big brother to him. He followed Jordan where he went and when he made a descision Jon went along with him knowing he could trust his life with his brother. But if looks could kill at the moment Donnie wouldn't even exist at the moment. Donnie sensing the brother protection bubble instantly took a couple steps back knowing excatly what Jordan was feeling, he was a brother to many others of course.

"Everything okay guys?" He asked trying to have his calm demenior remain in place.

"Yeah Jordan everything's cool. I was just checking up on Jon here..."

Jon interuppted him quick. "I'm fine!"

There was no time to argue as the lights started to dim in the arena and the guys were off making there way to stage B for Single and a little Sexify My Love. Jon thanked to the gods above that the situation was done and over with for now. Running out into the darkness he took his place just a couple feet behind Joey as he began to sing Single. The ladies were going crazy. When the lights came back on somehow the already screaming women screamed even louder. Jon simply put on his best smile and began to sing some back up next to Danny. Donnie and Joey went along the line of fans and slapped hands and gave quick hugs. While the women behind Jon and Danny had cameras out filming them and begging them to come over. Jon took a couple steps back reaching out to touch a few hands.

The previous agrument in the far back of his mind. He knew it was either over or would be in further discaussion later when him and Jordan were on the bus and on their way to the next city. Jordan would give him a glance every now and then which surely meant he would be asking questions; mostly about what went on between him and Donnie for the strange air to counter between them. That was one discaussion he was NOT looking forward too.

The heat wave of the concert had ended finally. For Jonathan it was over too soon. After their final bow and quick wave to the fans he quickly made his way off stage and ripped off all of the sound equipment and made his way towards his and Jordan's bus. Jordan on his heels until a group of women and there kids saw him and suddenly shouted over to him. Jon smiled knowing Jordan could never resist the kids. Jordan finally stirred away from Jon and made his way over to the adoring fans and their little ones. It was only a small distraction but it was all Jon needed to get back to the bus and lock himself into the medium sized bathroom; making sure to bring his laptop with him incase he was in there for awhile. Closing the toilet lid he sat down on it and put the laptop on the sink counter and opened it. Turning it on he put on his playlist and as the music came streaming out he laid his head back against the wall and stared at the ceiling. What had he gotten himself into now.

Jordan would be there in a couple minutes interrogating him through the door. Then Donnie would probably look for him too and want to talk to him to see if he was OKAY. He loved the guys a lot but sometimes they never know when to take hint that he wants to be alone.

Standing up he began to unbutton his shirt; if he was going to stay in the bathroom for awhile he might as well take a much needed shower. He stripped off his pants and boxers and turned the water on to a cool tempature before stepping in. Just as he was beginning to enjoy it he heard a pounding at the bathroom door.

"Jon I know you're going to be in there for awhile. But we also have a long bus ride to the next stop." Jordan yelled. "You're going to get hungry sooner or later."

Jon merely rolled his eyes and went back to his shower not wanting too have to deal with his brother at the moment. Besides why was everyone on his back like something was wrong. Donnie seemed to think something was bothering him; and Jordan wanted to know why he gave Donnie the cold shoulder. He huffed he had no idea what to tell either of them when they finally did confront them. Grabbing the shampoo he started to lather it in his hair; he could hear Jordan finally giving up and walking away from the door. He smiled at his small victory.

Jordan walked away from the bathroom door knowing it was useless to try and talk to his brother. He opened the bus door and walked off of it looking everywhere for Donnie. If Jon was going to ignore him he might as well go talk to Donnie. He saw him a couple feet away waving at the fans who were being ushered out. They were nearly screaming there brains out and some trying to quick pictures and videos. A couple had tried to go over to the fence that blocked them from the busses; but the security gauds were extra cautious tonight. Jordan had made up his mind though. Walking up to him he tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention.

"Yo Jordan whats up?" Donnie said smiling turning towards his band mate.

"What happened between Jon and you before I came back. He didn't look well." Jordan asked straight forward. "You didn't have anything to do with it did you? I know how you can be sometimes"

"Nothing happened. I saw he didn't look to well either and I asked him about it but he just kept saying he was okay." Donnie responded. "I know I get carried away sometimes but I didn't do it this time...I don't think I did anyways."

Jordan nodded and glanced around trying to think. "How about you go on the bus tonight for me and try to talk to him. You're a really pushy person try to get it out of him. Maybe you can crack him."

"All right sure man anything for my favorite Knight Brothers. I was going to stop at the Waffle House but they told me it would get in the way of traveling. So I really have nothing else to do." Donnie said crossing his arms and glancing towards the Knight's bus.

"Thanks Donnie. He's locked himself in the bathroom by the way." Jordan said before turning and heading over to the Baby Daddy bus. "See ya in the morning.

"See ya." Donnie began to walk towards the Knight's bus, mission in hand.

Upon getting on the bus he noticed how quiet it really was at the moment. The bus driver was looking through the gages to make sure everything was good to go. I guess if he wanted to go anywhere for relaxation he could come onto this bus. Though he was sure that if it were Jordan and Jonathan at the moment it would be rowdy. The brothers were always comfortable with each other and knew how to get really riled up.

He walked back and opened the door to another section of the bus and shut it behind him. Looking towards were the bathroom would be he noticed the door shut and remembered Jordan saying it was locked. Reaching into his pants pocket he found a bobbing pin he had attached to his keys; just in case he needed in problems like this. Walking over to the door he bent down and looked at the lock. Inserting the pin he searched around for the latch. Biting the bottom of his in concentration he wiggled the pin around a couple more times with it turning out unsuccessful. Finally after a couple more trys he finally heard the small click; hoping he hadn't also broken the small door knob. Standing up with a smile he grabbed it and opened it. Only to have his whole world suddenly stop in time. He had picked the worst time to pick open a lock and open a door. He couldn't speak he was too shocked and could only stare.

After washing out the condionteer from his air and quickly washing up his body he decided it was time to get out. As soothing as the shower was he was beginning to get wrinkles and they weren't just the natural ones either. Turning off the water he squeezed out what water he could get out of his hair. Opening the shower door he reached for a towel. He then noticed the small noise coming form outside the door. Eyebrows lifted in question he listened a little more carefully and then realized someone was picking the lock. Quickly reaching his hand forward he grabbed the towel that was placed on the counter and unfolded it ready to wrap it around his slim waist only to hear the knob twist and open. He froze expecting to see his brother there or even a very dedicated fan; who had some how got past security. Instead he was meant by the other people he had been trying to avoid.

"Donnie." Jon asked shocked and slightly hazed.

Tropic Thunder
I borrowed the movie form my friend and I really thought it would be just a movie that made stupid jokes through the whole thing. I am happy to say it was far from that. The movie was just so funny but also you can watch it. I've seen comedy that are so bad and I NEVER want to see it again, but Tropic Thunder is one of them that I can never stop laughing at the same joke. Just the way they delivered and expression are great. Not to mention a great cast.

Some of the best improve actors ever: Jack Black, Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr, Brandon T Jackson and Jay B(sp?). They are so funny together I can't imagine a better cast.

The extra stuff on the DVD are so good. (not Directors cut thought, I haven't seen those yet). I couldn't stop laughing at the Full mags, which include the "Dude I know who I am" tales with Ben Stiller and Robert, Robert seemed to make Ben crack up a lot with his improv. Then there's the "Tied to a Tree" seen, Jack Black makes it so funny with "Dont ignore me" and the best ending ever "cradle the balls, strock the shaft, work the pipe and Swallow the gravy, get it over here baby let's do this." Just the way he gave makes it funny to me.

I really can't wait to see the Rain of Madness fack documentery, it looks like it can be worth the money. I wish they had bloopers on the DVD cause you know there were probably a lot and they were most likly funny. But I also want to see the exteneded scene and the deleted scenes; they should be great to watch.

I suggest everyone watch the DVD commentary, it is worth the watch. I have never laughed so hard during a commentary, these guys are comedy geniuses especially when thier together. Robert staying in Lincoln character then switching to Kirk and back to himself for awhile.

Also to the people who think the movie is making fun of "Blacks," "mentally disabled" While watching this I found nothing offensive. The actors gave it in a nice mature way. I have a ton of black friends who also didn't think it was offensive either mostly because of the way Robert delivered his performance. So for the people who have a problem with it...DO NOT WATCH IT...plain and simple. If I don't like a movie I don't watch it. If it offends me in anyway I keep it to myself, whining and crying about isn't going to make the movie suddenly disappear, it's just giving the movie more hype and fame.

NKOTB Cd: Special Edition The Block
I bought there cd a couple weeks after it came out, I rarley buy a cd because there's usually only one or two songs I really like out of the whole thing and it would be a waste to buy a 18 track cd when I like two. But I really had no choise but to buy it cause I couldn't find thier songs anywhere on the internet. When I got to the store I saw two there. One in red (Regular cd) and a blue one( Special edition with 4 extra songs on it). I bought the blue was cause it's my favorite color and I wanted to have the four extras on it.

I am so happy I bought it, once I listened it I swear it is the FIRST cd that I liked every song on the whole thing and even the extra four. I mean the only ones I sont listen to as much as the others have to be "Lights, Camera, Action", which is still a good song. My favorite is "Dirty Dancing" and me the stupid one here had no idea it was basically about the movie Dirty Dancing, I just thought it was a concidence they had the same name. But the lyrics and beat onthe song is just perfect, that has to be a #1 hit for them when they fianlly release it.

"oh ohh, it's so crazy, she's like baby, I'm like Swayze
I said oh and I'm burning up to let's turn it up
I said turn it up now."

The next great song has to be Twisted. I mean it's basically about a girl who seems to be like the title says Twisted. I saw how they dance to it and amzing and the music is so well put together I just love it. Timbaland is also on it which makes me happy cause his and the New kids voices go well together. Not sure if it's all the New Kids on that song I'm sure it's only Jordan, Donnie, Joey and Timbeland, since it's only Donnie, JOrdan and JOey who dance and sing to it in concert.

You know with cuts, scares, bruies hurt
So what
You like it, you like all
Screws, Tattooes
that I can do
You're tellin, you're telling me you're alittle bit

A good slow song has to be 2 in the Morning. I love listening to it after a few fast beat songs cause it just makes you calm down and just listen to it and it's words. The guys have to be talking about girls who are not talking to them and it's early in the morning and they can't sleep cause they want to know why they arent talking. Well thats what I get from it anyways. That's a song I could go to sleep to happily. Just found out that Donnie wrote this song about his break-up, it brings a whole new meaning to the song for me. Thanks Sharper-Edge

"Cause it's 2 in the Morning girl,
Watcha you want do, do you want wanna fight,
wanna say good night,
if you say you tell me want it, this can be over."

Another good slow type one has to be Dont Cry (On the Special Edition track. It sounds so perfectly sad in a good way. I mean it has to be what it feels like when you have to leave the one you love and you savior every moment you have left with them and try to hand onto every little moment. Then you dont want them to cry because you'll be back.

"If I hold onto your lips a little bit longer
If I say I want to stay inside,
Would you think it's strange"

Now a great up beat song that I am sure ton of peopel love to hear has to be thier song Full Service with New Edition. I just love listening to it knowing that these are two icons from the 80's colleberating together to make a hit. After Dirty Dancing they have to make a video for this song, cause I am sure it's another one of those #1 hits, well atleast I hope so. I mean there are many meanings to it but it sounds to me like this girl isnt getting what she needs from her man and the guys are going to give her the Full Service or she's getting abused by her man and these guys come in to help her get revenge on him.

"I see you pulling on up in car
and there's something on your mind,
Like you've been driving around the whole night
now you pulled up next to mine.

I lift the hood and look up on under,
front the front end to the bumper
Put the window up and lock the doors"

New Kids on the Block Forum
So I recently have become a New Kids On the block fanatic and I made a nice site about them. What's on it? Well heres whats on it.

Sections to talk about each guy
Places for Videos
Place for Pictures
A place to talk about the Concerts
Also A fanfiction section for each guy (all Fanfic weclomes, wether it be slash or just regular stores)

So check it out. Hope you guys like it.

He's a Mercer Chapter 4

He’s a Mercer 4


Pairings: Bobby/Jack Slash


Rating: It’s most likely going to be R for violence, Swearing and maybe sexual content later on. So you’re warned.


Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters, which sucks. I would love to own Mark Wahlberg and Garrett Hedlund


Summary: Jack just barely made it after the shootout now he’s home and healing, until he’s kidnapped, because someone has made some bad investments. Not Jeremiah…Bobby, and Jack’s paying for it.


Thanks: Shadow315 (my beta-reader) 







Sunlight burst through the window glaring onto Jack’s eyes making him squirm and finally lift them open. He didn’t have to look far to see Johnny sitting in front of him with a chair. Two men stood behind him were looking at Jack with smug grins. Jack looked back over at Johnny waiting for what he might have to say.


“Bout time you woke up boy.” Johnny said, with his annoying smile. “What it been two days since I left you here.”

“Two days?” Jack asks suddenly confused. “Yeah guess I’ll have to make sure my men be easy on your head form now on.” Johnny said bringing up his hand and tracing it along Jack’s face.


Jack pushed back trying to get as far away from Johnny as possible. “Don’t touch me!” Johnny reached forward grabbing him by the chin and bringing him forward again. “Better watch that pretty little mouth of yours.” Johnny said menacingly.


He let go of Jack’s chin and looked at the two guys standing behind him. They walked forward grabbing Jack roughly and hauling him up. Jack finally noticed a table set in the middle of the room with some type of gears in front and behind it.

They lifted him up and slammed him down into the table making him groan in pain. They held him down and started to cuff his hands and feet together. The brought some chains out and attached them to the cuffs and then to the gears that was next to his hands and feet.


“What are you going to do?” Jack said, fear slipping though his voice.


Johnny simply ignored him and pulled out his cell phone and dialed rapidly. The men pulled the gears tightly, making them pull at the chain, which then pulled the cuffs, which were attached to Jack’s feet hands. They tightened it enough till Jack laying down straight. Jack suddenly realized what they were going to do. That’s when he started to struggle.




Bobby woke to someone shaking him awake. Angel stood there looking down at him. He groaned and looked around to see he fell asleep on the couch again.

A distant ringing caught his attention. Angel swung around facing the phone in the kitchen that was now ringing. Bobby quickly got up and walked over to it. He looked at Angel who nodded and finally picked up the phone.


“Hello?” He asked coldly. “Hey, Bobby.” Johnny’s voice seeped through the line.


Bobby’s hand immediately clenched in anger, “What do you want?” his snapped. “Just calling to see if you have my money?” Johnny said, his voice calm.


Bobby didn’t answer he only had some of the money. Money he had stashed away along with some Angel had stashed away himself. Even La Vida Loco spared some money for Jack. But even with all that put together they only had around two thousand dollars.


“No…no we don’t have it yet.” Bobby sighed.


He heard a faint chuckle at the end of the line, making his blood run cold. “Well I am sure sorry to hear that Bobby.”


There was a dead silence on the other line, Bobby looked at the phone thinking maybe Johnny had hung up. Suddenly he heard something turn and tight followed by an agonizing scream. His eyes went wide as he instantly recognized that scream. It had been the say one he heard when the shootout went down.


“Jack!” He shouted into the phone.


“What going on?” Angel suddenly said hearing Jacks name.


“I don’t know!” Bobby hissed at Angel.


There was another weird metallic sound followed by another scream. Bobby screamed angrily trying to get Johnny’s attention on the phone. It hurt having to listen to someone you care about being tortured and over a phone.


“Johnny! Stop it right now.” Bobby screamed clenching the phone. “What I’m sorry I couldn’t hear you.” Johnny said mockingly.


“Bobby!” He heard Jack scream. Even Angel had heard that one and he didn’t hide showing the anger that seeped through his eyes.


Bobby did something he had never done before, he begged. “Please Johnny…stop”. “Now that’s more like it Bobby.” Johnny said amused.


The screaming finally creased and then stopped. He could still hear a light whimpering in the background and chains moving. Johnny’s mocking laughter rang through the phone. Bobby would do anything to just reach right through the phone and strangle this man.


“Now next time I call I expect my money. Because next time I wont be so lenient.” Johnny said before hanging up.


“Hey wai-…son of a bitch!” Bobby yelled slamming the phone back on its hook.


Angel looked at Bobby. “Well?” he asked anger in his voice. “He said we better have the money next time or Jack…” Bobby mumbled not being able to finish the last part.


Angel reached forward and squeezed Bobby’s shoulder in a tight comforting grip. Bobby just sighed and lowered his head to think. It was his fault Jack was in this position and now hurt somewhere. He had to20save him and quick. How was he supposed to get all the money in time? He needed some help. Some far away help.




Jack lay on the ground in pain. The guards had picked him up off the table and dumped him onto the floor. Johnny stood over him leering down at him. Jack, using his elbows, tried to move away from him.


“I’m not going to hurt you.” Johnny said sharply.


Jack looked up at him like he was crazy. This man was a crazy lunatic psycho. Trying to convince the he wasn’t going to him. Even after just sending him through that table of death. The chains pulling had nearly torn him into two. The pain w as the worst he had eve felt in his whole life and that was saying a lot. He was too scared to see if he was bleeding or not.


Johnny kneeled down in front of him and lightly touched his cheek. Jack winced waiting for a strike to come, but it never did nor was it going to come. He looked up at Johnny to see soft brown eye’s looking at him. This was strange, how can a guy who is sick and demented have such soft eyes. Those were not the eyes of a killer, just a pawn.


“We just have to hurt you to scare Bobby.” He said rubbing his cheek. “Why?” Jack softly asked.


“Some people have to be provoked in order to get what you want from them.” Johnny told him.



Johnny looked over at him men and they instantly shuffled out of the room. He turned back towards Jack and stood up. He grabbed Jack by the forearm and helped him stand up. His legs were still a bit wobbly from the torture they had just endured. But after a couple attempts he stood up straight leaning against the wall for support.


“Why are you being so nice to me?” Jack asked letting his head go back against the wall. “Why do you ask so many questions? Do you want us to beat you to living pulp?” Johnny asked strictly.


Jack simply shook his head and turned his attention to the floor. “Good then don’t question why we keep you living and breathing. Just accept it.” Johnny said and knelt down in front of Jack.


Jack watched as he brought out a chain that had been attached to the wall and clipped it around Jack’s leg. Then he stood and looked at Jack one last time before turning and leaving. He slammed the door behind him making Jack jump a bit.


Silence followed after he left a cold dark silence. Jack whimpered and slid down to the floor feeling the loneliness really begin to take hold of him. He could fell his eyelids beginning to shut on him. He instantly sat up straight trying to stay awake. The guards could come in at any second and god knows what they’d do to him. After a few minutes of battling against his sleepiness he finally lost and drifted off into an exhausted sleep.


He awoke abruptly when someone shook his shoulder. Johnny stood above him again with his usual smirk back. Jack groaned and rubbed his eyes lightly trying to make the blur go away. He looked back up at Johnny waiting for what he had to say. Waiting seemed to take forever. Johnny must not have been in a hurry to tell him anything.


“What?” Jack asked impatient. “You’re going to be in here for awhile you know.” Johnny said starting to pace back and forth in front of him.


“That’s what you think. Bobby will come and get me.” Jack smiled for the first time. “You seem to have a lot of hope with him.” Johnny said.


“Of course no matter how much of an asshole everyone thinks he is if his family is in danger he’d do anything and everything to make sure their safe.” Jack finished. “Is that right?” Johnny stated more then asked. “Well then it would sadden you to know that he left Detroit.”


Jack’s smile flattered. “Wh…what?” his voice unbelieving. “Yup my men saw him pack a few things get in his car and left.” Johnny said amused.


Jack shook his head. Bobby had left him? No way, he would never do that to him. But Johnny just said he had and nothing he’s told Jack so far as been lie. He loved Bobby, and Bobby wouldn’t betray him and leave him here would he? Leave him here to die.


“Yeah he left you. I guess he would rather have me kill you then take his money.” Johnny said breaking Jack’s thoughts.


Jack didn’t answer him. He couldn’t’ t, there were no words in the dictionary that could explain how he was feeling. This type of hurt was the kind that sank into your heart. It hurt to think that the only person you truly loved had just thrown you away like a piece of trash. Jack slid his legs up to his chest and buried his face in them, trying to block everything out.


Johnny frowned down at him and got up. He stared at Jack waiting for any type of reply. When he didn’t get one he simply walked away and left the room to let the information sink in.


Jack just sat in the same spot not moving just shivering. Shivering and he wasn’t even cold. Just hurt and feeling the betrayal of the person he trusted the most. The only person he’s every loved.




Sorry it took so long to update I was changing a lot of things here and there. Plus it’ll start getting longer with the chapters just to let you know. This was a little short. So the next one will be longer. Hopefully more people review. But for now I’m happy with everyone who reviewing now so thanks guys.


He's a Mercer Chapter 3

Bobby made a b-line straight towards the table Jack was at not even noticing the men behind him. Johnny had a big smirk on his face now. He watched as Bobby got closer to them with his two other brothers following a couple strides behind him. There was no doubt in anyone mind that they were pissed. Jack went to stand up but felt someone push him back hard. Bobby seeing it picked up his pace and walked towards them his face scrunched up in anger.

“Bobby Mercer, so good to see you again man.” Johnny said smiling as he saw Bobby making his way over. “If you wish to see your brother dead then by all means keep steeping closer.”

Bobby stopped and his eyes widened when he saw a big bulky man behind Jack a gun inside his coat pointed directly at Jack’s head. He could hear Angel and Jerry gasp behind him seeing their little brother with a gun to his head. Jack titled his head to the side confused as to what they were looking at.

“Johnny give me back Jack…now.” Bobby said his eyes never looking away from Jack.

“Um…no.” Johnny said smiling again. “ I don’t think you’re in the position to be making threats now are you.”

“Why did you take him?” Jerry all of a sudden cut in.

“Oh wait Bobby didn’t tell you…oh this is sweet.” Johnny said starting at Bobby and chuckling. “Bobby how can you have not have told your own family about your debt.”

“Bobby what’s he talking about?” Jack finally spoke up.

Bobby looked down feeling a wave of guilt hit him. It suddenly hit him whose fault it was that Jack got kidnapped;his. Jerry and Angel stepped on each side of Bobby staring at him looking for an answer.

“Well Bobby? What’s he talking about?” Angel said a tint of anger in his voice.

They watched as Bobby for once looked nervous. Jack leaned forward in his seat hearing Bobby mumbling to himself. He coughed a bit before looking up at them.

“Maybe you’re a little tongue tied right now.” Johnny said a smirk plastering his face. “Your big brother here owes me some money.”

Jack looked over at Bobby shocked his mouth open in surprise. Bobby averted his eyes away from him not being able to look at him. Angel and Jerry looked back and forth between each other before glancing at Bobby.

“For what?” Jerry asked never taking his eyes off Bobby.

This made Johnny laugh out a bit before staring at them. “Gambling…and drugs.”

“Bobby!” Angel was the first to cut in.

Jack started to shake his head in disbelief. “How could you?”

“Jack listen I was messed up back then.” Bobby said taking a step towards Jack.

He quickly stepped away when he saw the man behind Jack take the gun out again. Seeing the hurt in Jack’s eyes was just too much for him though. He wanted to hold him and tell him he was sorry. There was a newfound anger in Jack’s eyes.

“Drugs Bobby!” Jack shouted looking at him.

“I was in a lot of pain out on the road with the hockey and I need something to sooth…” Bobby tried to explain.

“I don’t want to hear it. It was wrong for me or Angel to do it but it’s okay for you as long as it eases the pain.” Jack shouted glancing over at Angel. “ What do you think we used them for?”

“How much?” Angel asked prying his eyes off of Bobby and looking at Johnny.

“Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.” Johnny said to him.

“A quarter of a million dollars Bobby!” Jerry shouted.

Jack felt tears form in the corners o his eyes but blinked them away. He suddenly felt someone grab his arm and started to haul him up. He looked at Bobby for help who looked ready to jump the table to help him but stopped.

“Bobby?” Jack called scared. “ Bobby!”

“I expect my money Bobby. I’ll call you and every time you tell me you don’t have my money.” Johnny stopped and looked over at Jack. “Well you just better hope you have it.”

“Bobby…don’t let them take me.” Jack said the last part almost a whisper.

Bobby looked at him with a melancholy expression. “I’m sorry Jack.”

If it weren’t for the men with the guns he would have Jack right now. His fists clenched making a bone-chilling crack. He watched as Jack looked at him with sorrow and confusion. If only he knew that there was a guy behind him with his life in his hands. Johnny slowly stood up and walked in front of Bobby. His nasty smile digging into Bobby.

“I want my money. I’ll call you and tell you about it, where you can drop it off.” Johnny said his dangerous side showing. “I wouldn’t try anything either. Your brother’s life is in my hands now.

“Be good now Bobby.” Johnny said laughing and turning to walk with his gang.

Bobby glanced over and watched as they hauled a kicking and screaming Jack in the truck. He saw one of them give him a quick kick to the legs before pushing him in. The man glanced at Bobby through the window and gave him a wicked smirk. Bobby took note of what he looked like. The truck took off down the street and turning into a corner. Bobby could feel Angel and Jerry’s eyes on him.

He walked towards the exit quickly shoving it open making the glass on the side a crack a bit when they hit the outside wall. Jerry and Angel followed close behind him and watched as Bobby got into the car and slammed the door. They finally noticed he was starting to get dark out the sun slowly setting. They looked at each other and slowly got in after him.

He started the car and pressed on the gas trying to release some of his pent up anger. The brother quickly grabbed their seatbelts and fastened them tightly. He made a sharp stop in front of the house making the boys jerk forward and then slam into their seats again. Bobby got out of the car and pushed past Sofi and went into the house. Jerry and Angel watched him leave and no matter how angry they were with him they still cared. They got out and followed were Bobby had gone.

Sofi grabbed a hold of Angel and gave him a long kiss before following him inside. They found him sitting on the couch his foot placed onto of his knee and shaky wildly. His eyes were looking straight forward in a thinking state. Sofi looked an Angel who just nodded to the stairs. She rolled her eyes and walked quietly up the stairs leaving the three brothers alone. Angel walked over towards Bobby and stood straight in front of him. Jerry took a sit in the chair next to the fireplace.

“We need to talk Bobby.” Angel strictly said.

Bobby stood up ready to leave. “ No…”

“Sit your ass down boy.” Angel said giving Bobby a good push.

Bobby fell back into his seat on the couch; he looked angrily up at his younger brother. It’s not often anyone can push around the oldest Mercer, especially when the one pushing him was almost the youngest. Bobby looked up at him a bit shocked.

“This is your fault Jack’s in this mess and now we have to find a way to come up with the money.” Angel said angrily.

“Like it matters.” Bobby whispered.

Angel leaned in closer to hear him. “What?”

“You think Johnny will give him back once we give him the money.” Bobby shouted at him.

Bobby stood up and shoved Angel back a bit. “No he wont when he has the money he’ll kill Jack and then us.”

Angel looked at him and then glanced at the ground. Jerry stiffened in fright now beginning to realize the situation they were in.

“See it’s not as easy as you guys think.” Bobby said.

Angel suddenly fired back. “Well Bobby we wouldn’t be in this situation if you hadn’t gone and done something stupid…again.”

“Shut up Angel.” Bobby said dangerously.

“Or what Bobby?” Angel yelled. “ Going to go out and sell my life for drugs!”

“Fuck you.” Bobby shouted walking towards Angel fist clenched.

Jerry quickly stood stepping in between Bobby and Angel. “Enough! Arguing isn’t going to bring Jack back.”

Bobby simply turned his back on them and started for the stairs. Someone reached out and grabbed his arm. He looked back at Jerry and simply shrugged his hand away from his arm and walked up the stairs.

Once at the top he made a left and straight into Jack’s room. It was dark and had a chilly feeling to it. Something he never noticed when Jack was it the room. The silence was the worst part to him; there was no guitar playing, no laughing, or shouting. Just an eerie silence. Bobby walked over and sat down on Jack’s bed letting out a tired sigh.

“What have I done Jackie?” Bobby asked himself.

The closet suddenly caught his eye making him walk over to it. He opened the door and looked in at Jack’s hung up clothes. It was a dark closet all the clothes mainly being blacks, reds, grays, and blues. He let his fingers run over the clothing. Some of them were tatted but he didn’t care. He grabbed Jack’s favorite hoodie and held it tightly gasping lightly chocking back a sob. He suddenly felt something under his feet. He looked and saw a crack in the wooden floor.

He bent down and ran his fingers over the crack before putting his fingers under it and yanking it up. Underneath was tons of stuff from around the house. There was a plate in there, which he could tell was probably from the first time he had arrived. There was some silver ware. He noticed an old pair of shoes and a toothbrush. There was an old looking piggy bank as well. Bobby raised an eyebrow and looked at it. He reached down and grabbed it and pulled the plug under it and tons of bills came pouring out. He looked at them shocked. Jack had been saving for quite some time. Bobby grabbed the money and put it back in the bank and taking the bank and putting it on Jack’s dresser.

His eye’s looked back over to the bed and he noticed something else there; a picture frame. He walked over to the bed again and picked it up. In the frame was Bobby a couple years earlier playing hockey. He chocked back another sob and felt it slip out of his hands smashing on the ground. He groaned and bent down to pick it up. The picture had fallen out a long with a piece of paper. He picked the piece of paper up and unfolded it to see words written on it.

To Bobby: I wrote this for you

A special world for you and me
A special bond one cannot see
It wraps us up in its cocoon
And holds us fiercely in its womb.

Its fingers spread like fine spun gold
Gently nestling us to the fold
Like silken thread it holds us fast
Bonds like this are meant to last.

And though at times a thread may break
A new one forms in its wake
To bind us closer and keep us strong
In a special world, where we belong.

Love Jack

Something began to stir in his stomach after reading the little poem. He folded it back up and stuck it in his back pockets. He walked over to the window and looked out it. The moon had finally come out and shining brighter then ever. He stared out at it thinking about how he can get back Jack. His Jack back.


Jack sat silently in the truck feeling the tension in the air. How could Bobby just leave him there like that? He was supposed to have his back in situations like that. He had promised Jack to never let anything to happen to him again. There were so many things he wished he could ask Bobby at the moment mostly why he would go and sell his money and life away for gambling and drugs.

Jack suddenly felt a sharp pain in his palms and looked to see a bit of blood there from clenching them so hard. He sighed and relaxed them a bit. The anger suddenly left him. He could never stay mad at Bobby no matter how hard he tried. A bottle of water was suddenly pressed in his face. He looked up Johnny who just held it there and waited for Jack to take it.

“Here you look like you might be thirsty.” Johnny said still holding it out to him. “And I don’t want you to die from dehydration.”

Jack simply reached out and took it from his hands. He opened it still shaken from before and took a long slow sip from it. It felt nice to have something cool go down his throat. He put the bottle down and leaned his head back feeling tired. Everything started to become hazy and blurry. He shut his eyes to make it stop but as hard as he tried to reopen then he just couldn’t.

He reopened them sometime later and with an ache in his back. He groaned and looked around to see where he was. It was a dark room. It wasn’t to cold but it wasn’t warm either. His eyes snapped towards the door as it slowly opened revealing the guy that had kicked him to get him into the car. He glared at him as the man had a chair with him and put it down and sat in it watching him. Jack looked away from him to angry to look at him anymore. The man simply smirked and watched him.

“What do you want?” Jack said still not looking at him.

“Nothing. Just came to make sure you don’t hurt yourself in here.” He said smirking.

“Hurt myself with what?” Jack said slightly muttering “moron” to himself.

The man stood up and walked over to Jack; grabbing a fistful of hair. “You better watch your fucking mouth or I’ll make sure you wont be able speak anymore!”

Jack simply rolled his eyes and looked up at the window that was in the room. The only light that filled the room was form the moon. It was especially bright tonight making Jack’s eye sting a bit. He began to wonder about Bobby. What was he doing now? Was he trying to find a way to get him out of this hellhole? He mumbled a little promise to himself. If he got out of this alive he would tell Bobby everything. His little secret he had been hiding for such a long time. The only person he had told was his mother Evelyn. She simply smiled and gave him a hug saying everything would be all right. At the time it made him feel warm but the warmth had faded away over time and it wasn’t enough just to say it was all right. The secret had been tearing him apart on the inside for years. He loved Bobby and Bobby didn’t know.

“A special world for you and me.” Jack said lightly to himself.

The man rolled his eye not even hearing Jack but having had enough of him. He got up and walked over to him grabbing a fistful of hair again and slamming Jack’s head against the wall. Jack groaned out loud and held his head were the man still had his hand.

“I don’t want to hear you even talk.” He said letting Jack go.

He huffed and walked over and out of the door. Jack looked back up at the moon feeling a bit of blood trickle down the side of his face and down his cheek. A tear made its way down his cheek mixing in with the blood and both of them falling to the ground. His head lulled back as he kept staring into the bright beautiful picture of the moon.


His eyes glanced away from the moon and back into the room. Under the glare of the moon he say Eveyln sitting a couple feet away from him. She reached out and brushed away the tears and blood.

“Ma?” He gasped out.

It’ll be all right Jackie. You’ll see.

“I’m not so sure anymore Ma.” Jack said looking down.

For once that day he felt something warm. Hands ran down his back and arms giving as much warmth as they could. That’s what he needed at the moment someone who loved him to hold him. He felt a warm breath next to his ear.

You’ll see

He turned to look at her but she was no longer there. His eyes scanned everywhere looking for his mother but she was gone just like that. He leaned back against the wall staring back up at the moon. It was the only thing that could comfort him now.

“Bonds like this are meant to last.” He said tiredly.

His head was beginning to become hazy again. His eyes began to droop wanting so badly to shut and stay shut this time. But every time he closed his eye all he could see was Bobby, not that it was a bad thought to think about but just a deep feeling inside that he was a fairy and Bobby wasn’t.

“To bind us closer and keep us strong” Jack said feeling the sleep almost take over.

He glanced one last time at the glow of the moon. Somewhere deep down he was hoping maybe Bobby was looking at it and coming to take him home. That’s what he wanted now to go home… with Bobby.

“In a special world, where we belong.” He said before going into a deep and much needed sleep.


Poem by Sheelagh Lennon I take no credit for it. I just loved the way it was written. Hoped you guys liked this chapter don’t forget to review; it’s not that hard to do. It would help if I knew more people like the story.

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He's a Mercer Chapter 2


Jack groaned opening his eye’s slowly and started to sit up. He squeezed them shut when a sharp pain went through his head making him hiss in pain. He opened his eyes again and looked around.
The room he was in was dark and just a little light, coming from underneath a door, is all he manages to see. He hands were still tied behind his back and were aching from the position they were in. He tried moving trying to stop the aching and to see if he could get them free but it was no use. He tried desperately; now, to free his hands he could feel the tightness of them beginning to cut off his circulation. He groaned out in pain as his hands began to ache more. He suddenly heard voices and stopped struggling to listen.


Here’s five hundred dollars for you guys to keep your mouth shout. If you say something you’ll be finding yourself under a thick layer of ice.” The voice hissed out.


“Yes sir.” Another voice said.


Feet started to shuffle towards the door making him freeze in place. He could the dark outlines of feet standing outside the door. The handle he could hear started to jingle before it was opened. He looked squinting at the person in the door the light hurting his eyes. 

There was a tall man who looked in his late 30’s with hazel colored eyes and black hair that reached just above his ears. He walked over to Jack and reaches behind him grabbing him by his tied hands and starts to lift making his arm lift up but the wrong way. Jack screams in agony and quickly gets up to ease the pain.


“Who the fuck are you!?” Jack shouts in face earning him a slap across the face.


“Let’s go.” The man says grabbing his tied hands again and pushes him forward.


Jack stumbles but catches his balance before he can hit the floor. He walks forward and see’s a bunch of stairs in front of him.


“I was in a basement?” Jack muttered to himself.


Walking up the stairs they stopped at the top, which stood a door. The man behind him went forward and quickly opened it and pushed Jack through it.

He was immediately met with the cold air form outside. He looked around he could tell they were still in Detroit but in a different part of town. He felt the man grab his hands again and start to push him towards a black SUV, which he could notice two other men were sitting in.

The man opened the door and Jack stumbled to get in with not much luck since his hands were still tied. The man groaned in annoyance and grabbed his arm and helped him get inside. Jack sat there quietly as the guy in the drivers seat started up the truck and started to drive away. He looked between the men still confused to what was going on. These didn’t look like regular kidnapping guys.


“You hungry?” The man next to him asked and held out an apple in his palm.


Jack looked up at him and then at the apple. “Yeah.”


“To bad.” The man said biting the apple and then laughing at him.


Jack looked down feeling his stomach growl and angry filled him. He felt like a kid again with his Dad always playing tricks on him with food. He had so many questions but waited to see were these guys were taking him.

None of them even seemed to notice he was there. He continued to look at the floor still feeling very weak from not eating and from the fall off the roof. He did notice it was light out so he must have been out for a day. The truck jerked to a stop making Jack fall forward and onto the floor of the SUV.


“Clumsy much?” The man sneered and grabbed his shirt hauling him back up.


He pulled him out of the SUV and started to drag him towards a buildings entrance. Jack looked up and saw they were heading into a fancy looking restaurant. When they walked he noticed how well dressed everyone looked wearing very expensive clothes.

He noticed that all of them looked really nervous also, fidgeting with their food. He saw how their eyes would avert to a table then quickly look away. He looked at the table and realized the man was pulling him towards it.


“I can care less about you but if I were you I’d watch my mouth now.” The man whispered in his ear.


Jack just nodded at him and kept walking forward his heart pounding so hard he could hear it. The man sat him down in a chair and then moved away, standing behind him.

Jack could feel eyes on him but didn’t want to look up until, finally, he felt a hand roughly grab his chin and lift it up. He saw a black man staring at him with a grin on his face. He looked so menacing but still had a cool and collected posture about him.


“Well, well, well, what do we have here? A Mercer.” He chuckled and let go of Jack’s chin.


“Well I’m glad those boys know how to deliver.” He added.


He smiled at Jack before looking at the waitress and signaling her over. She glanced nervously at him and walked over taking a breath and then smiling at him.


“What do you want to eat?” He asked Jack.


Jack looked at him surprised and then looked at the guy who tricked him with the apply bit. The man simply nodded at him and then looked away. Jack looked back over at the leader from the look of it.


“I’m…not hungry.” He said his stomaching not agreeing with him.


“It sounds like you are. Bring him some chicken and carrots along with a glass of water.” He said confusing Jack.


“Why are you doing that?” Jack asked.


“Because I don’t want my hostage dead…yet. So I treat them good.” He said smiling.


“Them?” Jack blurted out.


“Don’t think you’re the first one.” He said.


“Who are you? Why did you take me? I don’t even fucking know yo…” He felt another slap to his cheek but this one was stronger then the other man's.


“The only one allowed to curse here is me.” The man said, his attitude completely changed.


“And right now I’m your Life and Death.” He smiled at him again. “But you can call me Johnny…Johnny Payne.” He finished with a cruel smile.


“But if you did some researching you’ll find out that my old business partner, who happens to be swimming in the ice lake, was Victor Sweet.” Johnny said his voice starting to falter.


Jack's head snapped up when he heard Victor Sweet’s name leave Johnny’s lips. He breathed heavily not really knowing what to say at this point. The waitress from before broke through the tension setting down the food in front of Jack. He looked down at the food no longer feeling the need in his stomach to eat. Picking up a fork he started to poke at the food deciding whether or not he should eat it.




Bobby drove down the road faster then he had ever drove before. All night they had spent looking for any signs of where the van had gone and came up with no luck. Now him and his two other brothers were on the way to the only place were all the gangsters hanged out at the Meat packing building.


“Man we’re going to get killed.” Jerry said fidgeting.


“Shut up Jerry. This punk ass kids are nothing to be scared of.” Bobby said strictly. “Put a gun in their face and they’ll confess everything.”


“So you plan on going in there yelling and with guns?” Jerry asked.


“That’s the only way to get through to them.” Angel cut in.


Bobby let them talk he had other things on his mind other then explaining everything to Jerry. Jack was the most important thing right now and they needed to find out where he is. When they did find him the people who had taken him had better run and fast.

There is no wrath worse then that of a Mercer’s. He looked a head at the meatpacking locker getting closer. Angel pulled up his shirt and took out a gun that was in the waistband of his jeans; while Jerry just sat in the back shaking his head, it had been a long time since he had held a gun let alone used one.

The car stopped just in front of the building and the boys got out. Bobby lifted the seat to his car to let Jerry out and then reached onto the floor throwing back a cloth. Underneath was a shotgun already loaded and ready to use. He looked at Angel who nodded and clicked the safety off his own gun and they walked towards the building.


“There are two ways to get out, the entrance here and the one at the back of the building. Jerry you stay here and Angel you take the back.” Bobby stated.


He walked forward pushing the door open and walked in the hallway seeing all the teens sitting around doing nothing but smoking god only knows what. He cocked the shotgun and started to move forward with a purpose.


“Okay everyone sit down and don’t say a fucking word.” He said pointing the gun in all directions.


Everyone looked at him confused making him roll his eyes. Smocking so much finally made these kids stupid enough not to run at the sign of a gun. He looked around for the guy he had talked to before and then noticed him down the hall looking at him with fear.

The man looked liked he was about to run until Bobby pointed the shotgun up at him making him freeze instantly. Bobby walked forward and pointing the gun right into the man’s chest and pushing him back until he fell into a chair.


“What do you need now dog?” He said looking genuinely scared.


“Yesterday a group of thugs came shot at my house and took my baby brother.” He stated.


“I don’t know about no…” He stopped when he felt the barrel of the gun get shoved deeper into his chest.


“I am in no mood to listen to you moan and bitch so tell me what I want to know and this will all be over.” Bobby said trying to keep calm.


“Yesterday when they were here two big guys came in and just grabbed a couple and then left. There were four guys but only three came back and with a lot of money. They started smocking shit and then said how they got a Mercer and knocked him out.” He said fear getting the best of him.


“Where are they?” He said gritting his teeth.


The man looked away from Bobby and at three guys who were standing across the hall watching the scene. Bobby followed his gaze towards the three guys. Their eyes widened and they turned around and started to sprint down the hall, Bobby following behind.

They suddenly split up all turning different directions, but Bobby just followed one of them. They came to a dead end in the building and the guy stopped. Panting heavily he turned around to face Bobby who know had the gun pointed right at his head and was moving forward.

The man turned to run somewhere else only for Bobby to finally lose it and take a shot. Blood splattered everywhere, as the guy looked down at his leg, which was now nearly torn apart from the shotgun shell.


Bobby walked over to him and grabbed him by the neck and slammed him into the nearby wall. He pushed his hand harder onto his making sure he could just barely breath. The man clawed at his hand trying to gasp for what little air he could get.


“Listen here. I’m going to ask you questions don’t fuckin’ answer me truthfully then you can bet that gasp will be your last.” Bobby sneered at the man.


“Now why did you take Jack?” He asked loosening the grip so the man could talk.


The man gasped breathing in some air. “A dude paid us some money to get the guy and bring him to him.”


“Why?” Bobby said trying to keep himself form the killing the guy right now.


“I don’t know they didn’t tell us just said he was important to them.” He said tears forming at the corner of his eyes.


“Yo Bobby?” Bobby turned around to see Angel with his arm around one of the other guy’s neck.


“This one said today they were takin’ Jack to the Grand Garden. That restaurant in town.” Angel said pushing the guy to the floor hard.


Bobby nodded and let the guy he was holding go and watched him slide to the floor. He brought the shotgun forward and placed it right in the middle of the guy’s forehead. The man looked up suddenly aware of the gun and tried to move back away from Bobby. He bumped into the wall behind him.


“Bobby!” Jerry said standing behind Angel. “Don’t man!”


“He’s the one that fucking took Jack, Jerry. I’m not letting him go free.” Bobby said angrily and looked back at Jerry.


Angel and Jerry walked towards the car slowly. Angel got into the passengers seat and sat down turning the car on and quickly starting up the heat. Jerry opened the driver’s side and pushed the seat up. Before getting in he looked back at the building and a second later a loud gunshot was heard.

Jerry sighed shaking his head and got into the back of the car. A couple minutes later they saw Bobby making his way towards his car shotgun still clenched in his hand. He opened the door and sat down in the drivers seat slamming the door. He gripped the stirring wheel over and over his knuckles being to turn white.


“So were to now man?” Angel asked cautiously.


“Great Garden, They said that’s were those other guys were taking Jack.” Bobby said looking dead straight.


He sifted into drive and started on their way towards the restaurant to get back their baby brother. They talked little on the way there. Jerry and Angel ever so often would steal a glance over at Bobby. His hands still had the wheel in a death grip and he hadn’t taken his eyes off the road since they had started.

Once the restaurant came into view Bobby sped up and pulled up along side of it. Bobby quickly opened his door sliding up the seat for Jerry to get out also. Angel got out and rushed over to Bobby and Jerry’s side.


“Bobby we can’t just go in there and start making a scene. The people who go here…well they’re dangerous. Plus Jack probably isn’t even here anymore.” Jerry said trying to talk Bobby into staying calm.


“If he’s not here then there are a ton of people in there who would know where he is.” Angel cut in as they began to talk towards the entrance.


“You think they’d tell us?” Jerry said reluctantly following them throwing his arms up when they don’t even answer him.


“You need to stop fucking thinking so much Jerry.” Bobby says opening the front door.


Once they walked in everyone turned towards them and little whisper could be heard. For once Bobby smiled that day hearing the whispers. Since the day Victor had been killed people became a lot more scared at the Mercer’s. They all knew they did it too but if there was no proof there was no case.




Jack sat there patiently waiting for this Johnny character to say something to him. Tell him why he had, had people kidnap him. His eyes haven’t left Jack since he arrived making him squirm under his gaze. He was still poking at the food no matter how much he was hungry he couldn’t eat. When he looked up into Johnny’s eye he quickly took a bit of the food and chewed it slowly.


“You don’t have to scared to eat. I didn’t have them poison it.” He said leaning back against his chair and taking a drink of wine.


“Why…me?” Jack asked slowly his eyes going back up to him again.


“You’ll find out very shortly.” He said placing his glass back down carefully.


“You see a couple minutes ago Jesse Kilmer one of the men that kidnapped you was killed.” Johnny said like it was nothing.


“You killed him?” Jack asked.


“No.” Johnny said his hard gaze back on Jack.


“Then how do you know he was killed?” Jack asked surprised.


“I have my ways.” He said looking over at one his men. “ Bobby Mercer killed him.”


The fork dropped right out of Jack’s hand and a smile creped it’s way to his face. Bobby was looking for him. He never doubted it but there was still a little fear deep down in his stomach.


“You seem a bit happy all of a sudden.” Johnny stated out of the blue.


Jack looked back down still smiling. He heard Johnny let out a chuckle before he heard some of the guys behind start to move around. Everybody had moved and was now standing behind Jack and a couple over by behind Johnny.

What little talking there was suddenly stopped at the sound of the door opening. Jack could hear some people whispering but could strain himself to hear what they were saying.

He let his eye sneak over to Johnny who was now smirking and looking towards the door. Jack looked back down at his food again wondering what could possible be going on now. He slowly let his eyes look up and at the door. His breath hitched when he saw the figure standing at the door staring straight at him.


“Bobby.” Jack whispered.




He's a Mercer Chapter 1 part 2

 //Chapter One// 
Part Two



Bobby and Jerry made their way back Ma’s house well actually now Bobby’s house according to their mothers will. She trusted Bobby her eldest son with her house. Bobby had his mind the whole time on Jack. He usually said a lot of bad things to Jack it was just for kicks but he never felt so bad tonight.


“Hey man, don’t worry about it. You know Jack is probably home right now feeling even more guilty then you are.” Jerry cut in.


“That kid has been through hell and back and I have to go say shit like that. Vida loco is right I’m such an asshole.” Bobby said.


“That is true.” Jerry said making Bobby whip is head around and glare at him.


“What man? Did you expect me to say that’s not true?’ Jerry said with a grin.


Bobby huffed. “Well normally that’s what brothers do.”


“I would have if it wasn’t so true.” Jerry said smiling now.


“Alright I get it stop rubbing it in. I’ll apologize as soon as we get home.” Bobby said.


“Bobby Mercer apologizing now I have to see that.” Jerry said earning a smack in the back of the head from Bobby.


“You seem to keep forgetting who’s the older brother here.” Bobby said and leaning his head back against the seat looking at the truck ceiling.


“Yeah whatev…”Jerry stopped when he saw cops and ambulances in front of the house.


“Bobby.” Jerry said not taking his eyes off the house.


“Hm.” Bobby said still with his head back.


“Bobby!” Jerry said his voice shaky.


“What!” Bobby said looking over at him.


He saw Jerry looking dead forward at the road. He looked back and almost felt his heart stop. There in front of HIS house were at least five cop cars and an ambulance. There were some gunshots on the house but not that many. He looked back at the ambulance feeling his heart do a double beat.


“Jack.” Bobby whispered.


Jerry pulled up along side of the house and quickly jumped out of the truck. Bobby was already in front of him and racing to the nearest cop.


“What happened?!” He shouted scaring the cop.


“Uh…I” The cop stuttered to say.


“This is my house and my brothers are they okay? Where are they? Bobby fired questions at him.


“One of them is getting treated for a gunshot wound in the Amb6” Bobby walked away from the cop before he could finish.


“Yo Bobby wait up.” Jerry said trying to catch up.


Bobby quickly sprinted over to the back of the ambulance his heart racing wondering which of his brothers was hurt. He stopped and saw Angel sitting at the edge of the ambulance with Sofi who was letting him rest his head against her shoulder as he wept silently. There was a cloth covering his upper left forearm and his right pant leg was lifted up to show some bandages there also. Where was Jack?


“Jack.” Bobby whispered to himself catching Angel’s attention.


“Bobby.” Angel muttered. “I’m sorry. I tried I reall…”


Bobby went forward and pulled him into a tight hug. Angel seemed to tense up against him but quickly relaxed and gave him a hug back. Jerry stood there watching and started to look around for any signs of his younger brother.


“Where’s Jack?” Bobby asked letting Angel go.


“They took him man.” Angel said looking down. “ Bobby I swear I tried to get him back but…I fell.”


Bobby steeped away from him. Somebody took Jack they took HIS Jack. He clenched his fists together making them crack one by one. Angel looked up seeing the anger written all over his face. Angel backed away thinking his anger might be directed at him.


“Who did it?” Bobby asked his voice venomous with anger even scaring Sofi.


“I don’t know. Just a bunch of guys they started to attack the house. Jack went on the roof to get one of them but he fell and the dragged him with them. I swear Bobby I tried to get…”


“Don’t apologize Angel! I know you tried.” Bobby said trying to remain calm for Angel.


“Who would want to kidnap Jack?” Jerry asked a few tears at the rims of his eyes. “I can’t lose my younger brother again.”


With all the chaos around them Bobby sighed trying to get his though ts together. He shouldn’t have left Jack alone here. He should have taken them both with them. He tightened his fists even more at the thought of what was happening to Jack right now. They could be beating him, torturing him, rapin…


“Jack.” Bobby whispered to himself.







He's a Mercer Chapter 1 part 1


//Chapter One//



Don’t you die on me you little fairy!


Hey Mike I feel a pulse!


Get the defibulator Chris!




You need to breath Jack!




Jack please! Breath!




Jack shot up in his bed breathing hard and deep. He looked around clearly shaken from what he had been dreaming of. He got up wobbly and grabbed the bottle of water that was on his nightstand and took a big gulp from it. He started to choke on it and coughed up some of it. He set it back down no longer feeling the need for it. He looked up and saw himself in his mirror. He picked his shirt up and over his head and looked at the scar from were they took the bullet out. He touched it gently the memory of getting it forever imbedded into his brain. He traced the faint red line with his finger looking at it.


He sighed and grabbed his shirt tugging it back on and glanced over at the clock. It was already 9 in the morning. He opened his bedroom door and walked down the stairs and into the kitchen to start with breakfast. Angel would be up soon and he wasn’t the best of cook neither was Bobby. In fact only him and Sofi knew how to cook an edible meal.


He put some eggs and bacon on the stove and turned it on. He sung lightly to himself as he cooked everyone breakfast. He grabbed a fork and started to pick at the eggs and flipping the bacon. Suddenly a hand came and touched his shoulder making him turn around fork in hand at the person.


“Hey! Jeez trying to kill me?” His older brother Angel said eyeing the fork. “And with a fork.”


“Sorry Angel you just scared me.”  Jack said looking back at the stove.


“Mm man that smells good.” Angel said sitting down at the table watching Jack.


“Thanks it’s almost done.” Jack said feeling Angel’s eyes on him.


He let out a small sigh and got a plate and started to put some eggs and bacon on it. Ever since he got back from the hospital he never got a moment of piece. The boys were always watching him doing things for him they never did before. Helped him stand up, brought him some extra pillows and blankets, they even tried to cook but the just ended in a disaster in the in the kitchen, which he cleaned up. He brought the plate around and passed it over to Angel who took it greedily and started to stuff food into his mouth.


Jack smiled and shook his head at him. “Zip up your lips Angel.”


Angel looked up at him and nodded closing his mouth and chewed his food slowly. Jack put some food on a plate of his own and sat down across from Angel eating his own food. A couple minutes later he heard footsteps approaching form the stairs.


“What you two doing up so early in the fuckin morning.” The older of them walked in.


“What you talking about Bobby. It’s about time your woke your lazy ass up.” Angel fired back.


“How’s my little fairy doing this morning?” Bobby said ruffling Jack’s hair and grabbing himself a plate.


“Fine thanks for asking.” Jack said sarcastically.


“Your welcome.” Bobby answered back and sat down at the front of the table. “So where’s Miss La Vida Loco?”


“Man don’t sta…” Angel started until a voice cut him off.


“Your such an asshole Bobby you know that.” Sofi said coming from the upstairs and walking into the kitchen.


“Sofi I cooked some breakfast if you want anything.” Jack quickly said before her and Bobby could get into it.


“Well thanks Jack that sounds nice.” Sofi said with a kind smile and made a face at Bobby before grabbing some food from the stove.


Jack heard Bobby mumble something to himself, which made Jack smile. Sofi sat down next to Angel cuddling up to him and smiling. T hey continued to eat talking every now and then. Once they finished Jack got up and put the dishes in the sink and started to wash them. There was a light knock at the door making Jack look over at it his breathing became hitched. He looked and saw Jeremiah’s truck by the garage making him grin.


“Come in.” He shouted.


Jeremiah walked in. “Hey what y’all doing?”


“What does it look like?” Bobby said turning his attention back to the TV.


“Smart ass.” Jerry mumbled under his breath and walked over to Jack and helped him with the dishes.



“How’s your shoulder?” Jerry asked.


“It’s getting better man.” Jack said to him.


Bobby looked up and over at Jerry. “ So you come for a update or do you plan on staying for awhile?”


“Nah man. Bobby I need you to come with me to see Bradford. He wanted to talk to us about some things on Ma’s will.” Jerry said drying the dishes Jack handed to him.


“Why you and Bobby?” Angel asked feeling left out.


“Because jarhead, we actually know the line of business.” Bobby said


“And I don’t?” Angel fired back.


Everyone just looked at Angel making him shift under their gaze. “Alright so maybe I don’t know as much as you two smart asses but I can still be there.”


“No your watching Jack while were gone.” Bobby said taking a swing form his beer.


“I don’t need a babysitter.” Jack said angrily looking over at Bobby.


“To bad, you and Angel are staying here.” Bobby said getting up and grabbing his coat.


“Well how long you two going to be gone?” Angel asked as Sofi came over and sat on his lap.


“How the hell should I know?” Bobby said shrugging his coat on.


“Why do you have be such an asshole Bobby?” Sofi cut in.


“Oh sorry miss…” Bobby started to say.


“Guys not now. We’ll be back sometime tonight.” Jerry said heading for the door.


Jack followed Bobby outside while Jerry went and got into his car starting it. Jack grabbed Bobby his forearm and pulled back. Bobby stopped and looked at him and then at where Jack was holding his arm.


“You don’t have to treat me like a child Bobby.” Jack said saying Bobby’s name with a hiss.


“Well your certainly not a man yet Jack.” Bobby said back to him stinging Jack’s ego.


“I’m not a kid so stop treating me like one. Look so I made a mistake I learned from it and…”


“And what Jack. T hat little mistake almost cost you your life. You have no idea what me, Angel and Jerry were feeling when we saw our little brother laying in the snow with bullets in him and blood coming out of your mouth.” Bobby angrily argued back.


Jack looked down feeling tears sting the side of his eyes but he quickly blinked them away and stared back at Bobby.


“You always were the drama queen weren’t you? Drugs, smoking and your band. Did anything to get attention.” Bobby said before he could stop himself.


Jack’s eyes suddenly turned to those of pure fury and let his fist lash and come in contact with Bobby’s cheek. The punch was good but barely made Bobby stumble. Jack suddenly gasped in fear and guilt. Angel who was standing at the door rushed over to make sure Bobby didn’t do anything he would regret. Jerry watched from his truck and opened the door ready to walk over.


“Bobby I’m so…Listen I’m....” Jack started to apologize but Bobby just shook his head.


“We’ll see you guys later.” Bobby said turning around and heading towards Jerry’s truck.


Jack started to walk towards Bobby guilt written all over his face. Angel quickly grabbed him and ushered him back in the house. Bobby stopped and eyed Angel who nodded in return understanding.


“I’ll watch him man.” Angel said making Bobby nod and get in the truck with Jerry who finally released his death grip on the stirring wheel. Jerry eyed Bobby before looking behind him and started to back up.


Angel walked back in the house to see Jack pacing around the room. Sofi was sitting on the couch watching and waiting for him to do something. Angel walked over to him and grabbed him by the arm and sat him down on the couch. Angel looked at Sofi who just nodded and got up and left them alone.


“Hey man, don’t worry.” Angel said, trying to comfort him.


“I just hit Bobby. I made him mad.” Jack mumbled on.


“You know Bobby will forgive ya that’s what brothers do. I mean come on we all get mad at each other. Bobby’s hit Jerry and me before. I’ve punched Bobby once before too. That’s what brothers do a lot of the time they fight but they also forgive.” Angel preached to him.


Jack glanced over at him and knew he was right. But that didn’t stop the guilt from festering at his heart. He knew the boys got into fights a lot and has seen them beat at each other. But he had never hit Bobby in fact he had barely hit anyone. He learned early on that if you punch then you’re getting a punch back. He closed his eyes and let out a long sigh. He felt Angel rub his back a little making him let out a small laugh.


“Just like when we were kids.” Angel said laughing.


“Yeah.” Jack said looking at him.


Angel looked at him and sighed remembering how he almost lost his younger brother. “We thought you had died.”


Jack saw for once the look of pure sadness in Angel’s eyes. “Angel loo…”


“Nah man. They took you away they said you were dead. Then we find out that you somehow made it. For a whole day we thought you had died.” Angel was glancing at the floor now, his hands on his knees. “You may not like us watching you like a hawk but your going to have to get used to it bra.”


Jack nodded and then smiled. “You're just mad that if I had gone you would have been the younger brother then.”


He heard Angel let out a small chuckle and look up at him. “True that.”


Angel suddenly lunged at him and had him in a headlock and was rubbing his head with his fist. Jack cried out and started to hit Angel’s back trying to flip him over. Angel let out a laugh and tackled Jack to the ground and wrestled with him a bit. Suddenly Sofi came down and she quickly grabbed Angel thinking they were really fighting. Until she heard them laughing and she gave Angel a playful smack on the arm.


“Hey let’s go out and catch a couple movies.” Angel said bored.


“Sounds good. Better then staying in the house all day.” Jack said grabbing his coat.


“What do you want to see?” Angel asked and then smirked. “Brokeback Mountain is in theaters.”


Jack glared at him before putting his coat on. “Yeah so is Jarhead.”


Sofi rolled her eyes hearing the boys insult each other with movie names. “I want to see Diary of a Mad Black Woman.”




They came back home around 8 pm with an angry Sofi yelling at Angel. Jack felt a smile creep on his face as he hung up his jacket and went to the fridge for a drink.


“Listen baby I was just reading the girls shirt.” Angel said to her.


“Don’t baby me and there wasn’t anything special on her shirt. It said “Look Away.”

Which is what you should have been doing.” Sofi yelled angrily at him.


“You were staring a long time.” Jack commented.


“Shut up Cracker Jack.” Angel said glaring at him evilly


Jack just simply laughed and watched them fight. He wouldn’t ever admit it but watching their fight was some of the best entertainment he had seen. By now Sofi was turning a shade of red on the face with anger and jealousy. Angel was really tense as well he could tell by the way his muscles seemed to become larger as if he was ready for a brutal assault. Jack laughed a bit again and then not iced a red dot on Angel’s forearm. He suddenly gasped and looked out the window see a man in a van with door opened a laser gun pointed at Angel.


“Angel!!” Jack screamed starring at his arm still.


“What!” Angel said and then noticed the dot on his arm.


Suddenly there was a shatter of glass that sprayed them all but Jack was more worried about Angel when he heard his brother yelp in pain. Jack quickly hit the ground to dodge any oncoming bullets. He saw Sofi grabbing Angel’s arm where it was bleeding and screaming. Jack quickly crawled to the couch and grabbed a blanket and tossed it to Sofi who immediately put it on Angel’s arm. Jack waited on the ground for any more bullets coming. But whoever was shooting was smart and waiting until they saw a body or something before shooting. Angel and Sofi were talking when all of a sudden a noise form the roof made them stop.


“Fuck man someone’s on the roof trying to get in.” Angel said crawling with his good arm trying to find his gun.


Jack nodded and crawled in way over to the stairs making sure to stay out of view of the windows. He slowly started to make his way up the stairs trying not to make any noise or be seen.


“Jack, don’t you fucking go up there.” Angel said but Jack kept going. “Jack? Jack!”


Jack looked in all directions wondering what part of the roof the man was on. He suddenly caught a glimpse of someone walking past the window. They were on top of the porch roof. Jack quickly went into Bobby’s old room and started to search for where Bobby had hidden the guns he got from the guys who killed Ma.

He searched everywhere until finally he flipped over the mattress and found them. He smirked thinking about how they had found the guns under the shooters mattress. He quickly looked for the Beretta that Bobby loved so much. He grabbed it and got down on his knees again and crawled towards the window where he had seen the guy. He picked out and saw him beating at the roof trying to see through it.


Jack quickly wiped his hands against his jeans. A cold sweat was on his hands and his heart started to beat faster. He quietly opened the window and crawled out carefully. He silently cursed to himself when he realized how slippery it was. The snow had started to melt when it had gotten really cold again making the water turn to ice. He crawled over to where the guy was his knee beginning to ache from the ice digging into his jeans. He placed the guy next to the guy temple making the man quickly freeze.


“What the hell are you guys doing?!” Jack questioned angrily.


The man didn’t answer him making Jack even angrier. He pressed the gun into his temple more earning a groan from the man.


“Tell me.” Jack said clicking the safety off.


Suddenly the man’s leg swung out knocking Jack down and making him slide a bit down the roof. The man stood up but Jack grabbed him ankle and dragged him down next to him. The man had his gun in his hand started to fire trying to get Jack.

The faint yells of Angel could still be heard form downstairs along with Sofi’s now annoying screams. Jack quickly put him in a headlock with as much strength as he could muster. The man started to move slower and breathing became softer. Within in a few seconds the man slumped against Jack. He looked up and saw a few guys come out of the van that was parked in front of the house and start to fire up at Jack.
Jack yelped in fear and quickly hide behind the man’s prone body hearing the shot hit it. Suddenly one of the shots hit the man in the leg making it twist and the man started to slide down the rood. Jack tried to stay up until he realized one of his bracelets had gotten caught on the man's necklace.


Jack’s eye widened in fear as he suddenly realized he couldn’t get his arm free. He no longer felt himself sliding on the roof but a load of air underneath him as he flew off the roof and hit the snow-covered ground with a thud. His eyes suddenly became very blurry and he was looking up into the sky as it moved in all sorts of directions. Screams and bullets were filling his ears but he couldn’t do anything about it. He quickly tried to breath in his chest aching from the sudden intake of breath. He coughed a couple more breaths trying to get his head to think straight. He didn’t have time because he felt someone grab his arm and start to drag him through the snow. He groaned and started to swing at whoever was pulling him.


He groaned in pain when he felt something hard come in contact with his head. Another pair of hands came out and grabbed him and pulled him inside the van. He started to struggle more now. He had heard what happens to most people who get kidnapped and he knew they usually didn’t live to tell the tale. They were more gunshots before the doors closed behind him and he felt his hands instantly get tied behind his back. He was in the back of the van as it started to pull away fast. He looked to see a wounded Angel come flying out of the front door of the house running behind the van.


“Jack!” He heard him scream.


“Angel hel…” He started only to feel another hard blow to his head making him sink to the bottom of the cold van and await the coming darkness that surrounded the edges of his eyes before fully taking over.


Angel ran behind the rapidly moving van hearing the shout of his younger brother. He reached out and felt his fingers touch the back of the van. He fired some shots a t the van but they just bounced off with a spark. He let out a scream trying to get a grip on the door’s handle.

Suddenly he felt his foot slip and he lost his balance skidding to the ground in pain. He clenched his teeth in pain as he watched the van speed away and out of sight into the dark of night. He felt his breathing become labored as his arm started to tingle in pain. He saw Sofi come and dropped down next to him and hugged his stiff form. Angel let the tears run down his face not from the pain of the bullet or the big skid mark now on his legs but from the pain of hearing his brother cry for help and he couldn’t.


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